10 HEALTHY HABITS For Women | change your life today

10 HEALTHY HABITS For Women | change your life today

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Michele Davenport says:

When I’m at Trader Joe’s and I do this often when I check out I say please ring up the roses in my cart twice and the next person in line would you please have them go pick out some roses for themselves on me. I also love doing this at coffee houses as well or grocery stores. As I’m lead I do this wherever I am, movies, dinner wherever. The one prayer I pray everyday is, Lord use me to be an answer to someone else’s prayer today and this prayer has lead me to many many places. ❤️

Showbiz Kids Studio says:

Can you tag the probiotic that you use? Thank you!

J W says:

What is the name of the probiotic or the link to buy? I can't take pills or capsules, have to be a gummy, dissolvable, or powder

A W says:

Sharing some home brew lavender kombucha with my family over dinner. 🙂 5/22/20. Loved the video.

Meh says:

a new subscriber sarah! thanks so much for existing haha! im not sure if you already have or not (ill check your old videos) but im looking for a reason for my dry skin — even when i use an oil body bath soap + apply oil after shower and lotion, my skin still feels uneven/dry especially my upper arms (oh yeah first ill try your probiotics tip! and see if it helps this problem too)

Calista says:

I watch videos like this all the time but never seen your channel before! I thought this one stood out and was fresh and insightful. Thanks for the tips!

Cora says:

Not so valuable content and too much talking. who has 16 min to listen to you and who cares if you are tea person. Narcissistic.

Manu 2 Sharma says:

Nice tips. I’m taking aloe vitals from Planet Ayurveda and it gives me good health

Christine Mbugua says:

I'm so glad I found you! You're a true inspiration and I like that I can click on any of your videos and watch them without worrying about what's coming next, coz from the few I watched, I love your values and your opinions are sound. Honestly, I'd let my daughter watch your videos but she's still so young, haha..

Tatiana Furdui says:

Love love love your channel… is one that actually watch the most!!! You inspire me as a mom of 4 so much!!! I would really like to know where is your black sweater from?? 😍😍😍 thanks 🤗

Sklove Reenusumathi says:


Deborah Pellerito says:

You are so helpful and such a relief and a Blessing🌹💕

Set Apart says:

Yes.Loved this!! Try detoxing also and the kind of daily vitamins you take make a difference also..I drink Nutraburst..Bought it here

Harmony l says:

do probiotic gummy’s work the same?

Tati Martinez says:

Been on the fence about dry brush and you just made me pull the trigger! Hopped on amazon and bought one and came back to see what else you recommend lol

Skreppa Soul says:

3:48 Let your bed breathe
4:29 Let your female parts breathe
5:14 Probiotics
6:45 Don't ignore skincare
7:45 Dry brushing
10:07 Red light therapy
11:30 Do something for OTHERS (just like I missed the minutes guy so I became the minutes guy lol)

Channel M says:

Can’t agree more on the skincare part, I’m doing just that these days. More, because of the lockdown situation and guess what, it gave me inspiration to start my own YouTube channel:-) I am so excited…


Thanks you sooo much. Ur videos are just making me feel so happy and positive 😊😘

Vivi says:

nice video!

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