Dianne Buswell Talks Love, Joe Sugg & Staying Happy | Women's Health Virtual Q&A

Dianne Buswell Talks Love, Joe Sugg & Staying Happy | Women's Health Virtual Q&A

Junior Fitness Editor Kirsti Buick in conversation with Dianne Buswell answering all your Qs about relationships in lockdown and beyond

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The team at Women’s Health are putting on our second virtual event free to view, so we can bring the biggest names in fitness to EVERYONE. If, however, you love the event and feel able to, we’re encouraging any ‘pay what you can’ donations to be made to the charity Ovarian Cancer Action.


Ovarian cancer kills a woman in the UK every two hours, yet 90% of women can’t name the symptoms. Ovarian Cancer Action is working towards a world where no woman dies of ovarian cancer.



Women's Health UK says:

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Jan Forrest says:

Dianne's daily exercise and food routine is so healthy. I wish I could eat so many vegetables.

kate heaphy says:

yesssssssssssss Dianne love it amazing and zac efron mhmmmmmm interesting

Hattie says:

Me: Sees Dianne in a thumbnail
Also Me: Clicks faster than the speed of light

Rebecca Bell says:

Aww 💕💕

Evie Mae says:

Can’t wait

Lucy B says:

super excited for this! two minutes….

Saz Parker says:

Still sweating hard after that Jive workout but it was so much fun!!!! Dianne you are such a wonderful teacher, imagine opening up your own dance studio!! I would be the first to sign up x

Courtney_may05 says:

So excited for this, love all of these lives xxx

Talia Thomson says:

I am super hyped! I cannot wait to watch this!

Isobel X says:

can’t wait for this 🙌🏼

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