Introduction of Women's Health TV

Introduction of Women's Health TV

Women Health TV will provide health education to the women of Urdu speaking areas. The object is to empower women with the information which helps them to look after themselves during pregnancy and childbirth. This will eventually help to reduce the mortality among the young women of reproductive age.



T- Talks says:

Very informative

I Made It says:

Thanks God k kesi pakistani dr ny bhe humain thora time deya

Tariq Ch says:

Very nice initiative 😊

Zunera Sajjad says:

V Nice Step keep it up

Haroon Khan says:

Sir make a video on pregnancy with febroids

singer anis says:

nice nice very nice video for informantion

Taariq Haneef says:

Sir please also highlight the needless over prescription of injectible iron sucrose in women whose deficiency can easily be treated by oral iron supplements. Over prescription of this hepato toxic drug must stop as it is getting so widespread nowadays.

Ghazi Gillani says:

Good initiative..keep it up guys πŸ‘

Manal Raza says:

Thankyou for introducing a much needed platform and space for women’s healthcare in the region! More power to you! We need more doctors who are concerned about their patients beyond their clinics πŸŒŸπŸ‘πŸ»

Rj Suhaib Hassan says:

I am sure this channel will provide all the information about women health and care.

Ayesha Jameel says:

A very good video providing the health of women. Best of luck!!!

John Cena says:

MashaAllah good information bhai best of luck!

Shazia Smith says:

Good information dr. Samee akhter…

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