The Truth About Internet Marketing: Why Being Successful In Business Is Hard | #001

The Truth About Internet Marketing: Why Being Successful In Business Is Hard | #001

Discover the truth about internet marketing and entrepreneurship and why being successful in business is harder than you think.

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1:37 – The paradoxical reason why you’re struggling as entrepreneur and why you need to erase the “entrepreneurship fairytale”
3:32 – The entrepreneurial type of personality
4:12 – How to sober up on your dreams and take action in life and business (become the eye of the hurricane)
5:18 – How to become an entrepreneur and how to know you’re ready

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ZNIWA says:

Hey Till, I've been following you since your first video.

I really enjoy all your content. The only downside is that I kinda feel like you're advertising to your`following too much (with the cheesy titles, and up sales), which is kinda a turnoff.

But the videos themselves have really useful information and you seem very honest about what you say.

Maybe you can help me out. So I've been really struggling with having clarity in what it is I want to accomplish. I run a little photography business, I'm also starting a little online tutorial biz on youtube on this channel, and I'm trying to improve my game by going out more often. I try to organize my day so that I can get the most done, but sometimes everything just feels overwhelming and I don't get anything done. I always plan out what I want to do tmrw, and this seems to be working a bit, but I still can't get to a point where I'm productive.

So my question is… would it be better just to focus on one project each day, or would it be better to split up the projects and work on multiple each day?

Thanks Till.

Fyrus Aqil says:

thanks for the reminder!

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