Tips for Starting a Healthy Lifestyle!

Tips for Starting a Healthy Lifestyle!

YAY! Thumbs up for more health style videos! 🙂 let’s start off this new year healthy & happy! CLICK HERE FOR MORE HEALTH TIPS!

**PS I filmed the voiceover when I was really sick so sorry about my voice hahahaha

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don’t forget that being fit is not a destination it is a way of life. 🙂
and being healthy is NOT just about how you look, it is so much deeper than that. I challenge you to find “your healthy” 🙂



Lee Liu says:

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Savage101 Savage girl123 says:

I’m going to try this

Jam8la Jojo says:

thank u so much for this vidéo^^

jarocla66 says:

great to-the-point motivational video, touched on all the facets from eating exercising and mental, I think it's a great idea to blend fruits or vegetables when you have to be on the go, otherwise people including myself we'll just skip them, but I have definitely started implementing them in my dinner whether roasting or steaming

Amit Gowala says:

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Produkty Urodowe says:

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HealthCare Point says:

Nice Video
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Maheen Riaz says:

Was that song from ONE DIRECTION that you playedddr

AllTechSavvy says:

Thanks for this strong Message, Cambria 🙂

Shrestha Roy says:

Watching this while eating chocolate chip pancakes 🙈

GSE Health Blog says:

Yes , i drink daily to burn fat

graci8 AJ says:

This helped so much! Tysm!!!!! 💕💕💕💕 you get a new subscriber!

TOPPY tube says:

thank you. i love it. its so crucial to have top tips and easy ways for ppl to start off in positive directions. plz, if any yall have any input i wanna get more info and discussion. i have a channel beginning to get talk on health, wellness, nutrition, positive lifestyle, social experiements etc etc. check my chennel if you want to chime in. but i will be here on these vids no matter what. ~~bigg LOVE, TOPPY

Soap Enthusiast says:

I feel like taking a few minutes out of the time that you have free to create a planner that maps out your week will help with creating better daily habits. Most people will usually chose the option that is most immediate, like for example, if they were planning to exercise, then happen to walk past their computer, then they will probably chose to game instead. Who thinks incorporating some bath fizzes into their baths will also help reduce stress through out the day?

Tom Flegg says:

thanks for these tips cambria, i now drink out of the water collector out of my garden, tastes great and i love the fresh bacteria taste that really ferments after 3 months in the garden, my sex life has also improved, apart from chronic yeast infection i am almost always ravenous for sex and my wife ACTULLY has me on a leash so im not always begging for the puss, when we sleep she does get annoyed when i tap her with my erect penis to get her attention, she claims my countless infections are MY problem but i thought we shared everything in marrige, long stroy short i will be getting a divorce to pursue my healthy lifestyle and will take up residence full time in a septic tank as i heard piss is great for your skin.

Paneeti umamaheswara achari says:

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sruthy Ashwu says:

Soda and carbonated water is same right??

Crafter says:

This video is awsome very informative and inspiring

Jasmine Fox says:

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Sumit Kumar Prasad says:

always drink green juice to stay fit and healthy for that visit *

Arizona Sunshine says:

The message in this video is conveyed wonderfully! The tips are valuable and practical. I wish I had know how to live this healthy lifestyle in my 20s, because in my 30s I faced a hard battle with breast cancer. Many visits with Drs and nutritionists taught me much of the same information you covered in this quick video! A healthy body can fight off illness! Thank you for educating many and sharing your tips with all of us!

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