WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte & Ric Flair throw first pitch

WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte & Ric Flair throw first pitch

WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte joined her father – two-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair – to throw out the first pitch at a recent Chicago Cubs game, courtesy of WWE Network.

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Oswaldo Ramírez says:

People are jealous of the relationship of Charlotte and her father the nature boy….

Malik Jones says:

Gosh put the belt on someone else for Goodness sake!

Roguemember says:

Go White Sox.

Wrigley Field is nothing but a beer fest

Starkeisha Jeter says:

what in the world

Lewis Allen says:

I'd love to Chicago in her cub.

Katherine Vasquez says:

Tell me how charlottes dad looks like Donald trump 🤔

Ratmann3684 says:

bring back sandow why? so he can sit backstage and do nothing?

Nico Rühling says:

#BringBackSandow !!!!1!1

5664376 says:

we want Sandow

Donovan Carter says:

I love you Charlotte

Xman Gman says:


Harold “The Eavesdropper” Jacobson says:

Dean Ambrose liked this video.

Michael Concul says:

she big why her dad make it as a big deal!

Raamatown says:

i am from chicago

trevon bardwell says:

we want sandow

City Spawn says:


ZombieK1ller38 - Minecraft says:

Yay!!! Cubs!

ramos19822000 says:

Looks like Charlotte threw a sweet "Eephus pitch"

Kurtis Bynum says:

Bring back Sandow

sound beast 123 says:

I am a cubs fan woo

Armaan Shergill says:

Bluejays fan

Purgeous says:

still don't understand why it's so hard to throw a simple baseball lol

abuhamad alshammari says:


CM Punk says:

Charlotte > Roman Reigns , Natalya > AJ Styles

Caleb Johnson says:

Chicago Cubs heck yah

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